the_screaming_storms - Seshendra: Visionary poet of the millennium

The Screaming Storms

You living corpses! Look! Falcons are hovering over your cities

That silent trees do not speak is an idea of your ignorance but they are monks living on their inner energy. in the civilisation of mix of huts and mansions you commit suicides and flatter them as self-realisation. your speeches are charred chastity of languages

Trees rising out of the burning bosom of earth give soulful cool shade. In woods ruled by winds man can penance without out lose of revere. On the highway of your cities we find bullock carts dragging like unbearable ancient burden. Motorcars flash by like vanity on wheels, do not even glance at the rows of trees on the roadside. Old and new slight one another in your path. Values of nature have been cast away by your view

Seshendra Sharma as Srikrishna Devaraya 15th century poet – king in a poetry play “Bhuvana Vijayam”

That eagle flying wing to wing with the plane in the high skies is not a mere bird

It is an ancient bird gazing from the ramparts of the azure at the rise and fall of civilisations. Those civilisations Which Man unfurls as symbols and flags of his victory in pages of his history.

Looking at man’s trumpeting vainglory mountains are in snide splits

Oceans are smiling in doubt; sky is roaring in laughter, ancient forests, wombs of wisdom are in pain making inaudible commentaries

Oh Man! Where are your feet taking you? Those feet bending under the burden of your shallow civilisations. Listen! Sitting on the boundaries of centuries storms are screaming

Seshendra: Visionary poet of the millennium